How can I join?

If you live within Bedford Borough, enquiries should be emailed to the PLACE Programme Manager at Info@PLACE-Project.org in the first instance (the contact section of this website may be used to make contact with the Programme Manager).

If you live outside of Bedford Borough, to be eligible for the scheme you need to inform your Local Authority that, from a certain date, you will be (or have been) home educating your children with support from the PLACE Programme.  This is both to let your local authority know your intentions and so that there is no confusion in anyone’s mind about the educational status of your children.  You should hand a copy of your letter – once completed – to the Scheme Manager, June McDonald.  Your application to join the scheme cannot be progressed until this has been done.  A model letter that you can use when writing to your local authority is given in the link below .

Model Letter